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Is it really a “Twitter Revolution”?

Compared to the past, activists are moving away from “high-risk activism” and relying more on social networking sites, such as Twitter, in order to mobilize people and cause revolutionary social change. For example, Twitter played a major role during the … Continue reading

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Candidates and their Profile Pages

Since technology and social media have become integrated in our everyday lives, presidential candidates have embraced that change and started using social media for their campaigns. Social networking sites, such as MySpace, YouTube and Facebook, does not only help candidates … Continue reading

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The Telegraph and the Global Village

Even though society was skeptical of the idea of building a transatlantic telegraph during the1850s, William Thomson, Cyrus Field and his committee were able to successfully build an electric telegraph after much trial and error.  With the emergence of the … Continue reading

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Are We Enclosed In Our Own Bubbles?

Before the Internet started bombarding users with strategically selected advertisements and news, the Internet used to be simpler and provided the same information and news to its users. As Eli Pariser states in The Filter Bubble, the Internet is becoming … Continue reading

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