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            While the role of the Internet and social media in the Tahir Square Protests is a subject of controversy, the evidence provided by Tufekci and Wilson (2012) indicates that Egyptian use of social media greatly … Continue reading

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Republicans Rebelling on Twitter?

            According to Jennifer Steinhauer, Republicans have taken over Twitter following the social media success of Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign.  President Obama resorted to social media in his 2008 campaign as a means for reaching … Continue reading

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The Dean Campaign’s Lack of Strategy for Success

            In Exiting Deanspace, Clay Shirky discusses how the use of Internet tools in Howard Dean’s campaign created the false sense of belief that the campaign had been going successfully.  The campaign heavily relied on the … Continue reading

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Digital Activism, Repressed

In repressive regimes, authorities have always sought to silence any opposition in any form.  As Simon Columbus discusses in “The New Casualties: Prisons and Persecution,” the Internet has provided activists with a new platform to voice such opposition, and hence, … Continue reading

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Shirky reiterates a lesson that most of us have been repetitively taught since as early as we can remember: do unto others as you would want done to you. Our parents called it “the golden rule,” but Shirky refers to … Continue reading

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