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Week 14

This week’s readings focused on the potential make-up of social movements moving forward through analyzing technological, social media, and US Government roles in activism. I argue that however beneficial a technology may be, there is no ‘technological fix’ (Morozov) to … Continue reading

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Week 12- Gladwell/Morozov

I believe that many Americans hold the ‘cyber-utopian’ belief that social networks have been a leading factor in social activism and worldwide revolution. I contend that American media coverage, some misunderstanding of foreign events, and a general over optimism in … Continue reading

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Week 11- Kurtzman/ Snow, et. al

To me, these articles tie together very well. Recruitment into social movements becomes more probable if an individual has a social tie to a member of the group (Snow research), and with the rapidly expanding social media networks, these personal … Continue reading

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Week Nine

To most people, Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign seemed like a complete revolution; however, many aspects of his online campaign success were already implemented in other campaigns (McCain’s fundraising, Dean’s grassroots/ MeetUp efforts). I posit that Barack Obama’s success was … Continue reading

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Week 7

The way that the some people believe the Internet, in its ideal form, serves as a fundamental part of democratic function is very interesting. The readings reveal that  candidates form strategic messages (that sometimes decimate accountability) to gather support and … Continue reading

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Week 5- Karpf, Pasker, Glaisyer

The readings all provided different insights as to how varying factors (types of governments, websites, users, political institutions), not just the technology itself, can possibly contribute to civic engagement, social capital, and political action. In Karpf’s study about high-profile political … Continue reading

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Week Three- Collective Action

Through technological development and design, especially the architecture of the Internet, the ways in which people communicate and network has changed drastically.  Both Rheingold and Shirky comment on the development of social media platforms and the emergence of efficiently coordinated … Continue reading

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