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Revolution & the Future

In Lisa Anderson’s Demystifying the Arab Spring, the Arab Spring is explored through three different manifestations that it took in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. Anderson is quick to point out that it is important to not think of the Arab … Continue reading

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Web Firms

The accomplishments of the company Blue State Digital are impressive and thorough within the cluttered state of the Internet and today’s media landscape. The 2004 Dean campaign was innovative, and out of the campaign’s success many web firms were birthed, … Continue reading

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Dean’s Internet Strategy

In Hindman’s The Real Lessons of Howard Dean, the author looks to explore the ways in which former presidential candidate Howard Dean was able to create such a successful campaign in 2004. Hindman is quick to highlight the fact that … Continue reading

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Tactical Versus Strategic Metrics

In the Dave Karpf reading, Measuring the Success of Digital Campaigns, the author analyzes the differences in the measures used to gauge levels of digital activism. Karpf discusses tactical and strategic metrics, and he argues that activism is often too … Continue reading

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What Can We Create?

In chapter four of Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody the author looks at the concept of user-generated content. Shirky discusses this concept in the context of amateurs utilizing social media tools to publish their own content and distributing it to … Continue reading

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