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The Pessimism Behind Social Media Use

The potentiality of the Internet has been of question all semester. What can the Internet achieve and how can it achieve it are of much debate. The Arab Spring provides an example of the ways in which the Internet can … Continue reading

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“Real” Activism: Risks and Ties

Just as previous technological innovations have been discussed, debated, and projected into its future status, social media is the current technological innovation that faces both optimism and criticism. Gladwell argues in “Small Change: Why the Revolution Should Not Be Tweeted” … Continue reading

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Obama’s User-Driven Grassroots Organizing #FTW

The Internet is a fast and easy way to communicate. Interfaces like YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook have made the cyber world a social playground, making available the opportunity to share, converse, and collaborate. These social networking sites have established an … Continue reading

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Telegraphy, Global Village, and World Peace

Technological innovations have been a cornerstone for global growth. The economic, political, and cultural progress both in the United States, as well as globally, all have strong ties to technology. In the novel The Victorian Internet, Tom Standage outlines telegraphy … Continue reading

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Bubbles and Slactivists: Debilitating to Social Change?

The large place that is the Internet, it seems that nobody quite has a handle on its possibilities or can predict where it’s going next. As we recall our discussions last week, we continue to build on our understanding of … Continue reading

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