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Twitter War

Not all criticism is constructive which is definitely true in the Republicans’ use of Twitter in 2012 to contradict statements Democratic political figures said during speeches.  “Republicans Embrace Twitter Hard for ‘12” by Jennifer Steinhauer points out the differences in … Continue reading

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The Digital Divide and Social Media Content

In a study about political campaigns and their use of social media, Hernson, Stokes-Brown, and Hindman begin by tracing the origins of new technology in campaigns. They explain Howard Dean’s smoke-and-mirror use of technology that eventually exposed his shortcomings as … Continue reading

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Do Emerging Tools Increase Votes?

It is easy to think that because the Internet is has demolished transaction costs, less broad campaigns like those for lower-elected officials could utilize emerging Internet tools to increase political mobilization in their favor. Many political campaigns are excited about … Continue reading

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Are Web Firms Like Blue State Digital a New Political Necessity?

While many researchers focus on which candidates and how candidates use social media in their campaigns, it is more important to look behind the scenes at how companies like Blue State Digital are affecting political campaigns. Scola says Blue State … Continue reading

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New Media in Presidential Elections: Beneficial or Damaging?

In “Republicans Embrace Twitter Hard for’12” Jennifer Steinhauer investigates how new media technology has shaped message sending in presidential elections. Specifically, she studies how Republicans have affected politics with insta-Tweets about Obama.  Obama’s 2008 campaign “masterfully capitalized” on social media … Continue reading

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How Important Are Those Sites, Anyways?

As a first-time voter this year, I am trying my best go stay aware and involved with the race and the coinciding facts. Similarly to many others my age, the main media that I access to learn about what each … Continue reading

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Internet Campaigning

In Campaign Politics and the Digital Divide, Hindman et al. examine the conditions under which state legislators use the Internet in campaigning. The researchers found that, among other things, constituency characteristics, whether or not the candidate is a challenger, how … Continue reading

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