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The Progression of the Web

Scholz gives a great timeline of the progression of the Web and how computers became to be the medium that millions around the globe use to communicate their thoughts and actions.  The most interesting section to me was from 2001-Present … Continue reading

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Week 2 – Turner/Scholz

Lauren Blanchard Week 2 Infrastructure: Its Transformations and Effect on Digital Activism —&—Taking the Whole Earth Digital For this week’s readings, the Turner and Scholz pieces both discuss the transformation of not only the computer but also the Internet as it … Continue reading

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Patrick Nolan week 2

The readings this week helped provide important insight in the origins both the personal computer and the internet, although maybe not quite the internet we know today.  While it’s primarily based on second hand sources, the readings bring up a … Continue reading

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Computers — The Modern Day LSD or No?

Simply based upon the two readings by Scholz and Turner we can determine that the modern-day development of the Internet is not a clear-cut historical timeline. While we may know that the popularity of the World Wide Web and the … Continue reading

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