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Week 2

Contrast to what society may believe, the earliest forms of development in computer technology stemmed from countercultural beliefs. Specifically, in the 1970s, computers were marketed as devices that could “tear down bureaucracies and achieve individual intellectual freedom.” While countercultural groups … Continue reading

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Week 2

Rooted in the development of technology have been two opposing groups, at least in definition. They have been given many labels and have taken different forms, but they have definitive characteristics and motivations. Turner labels them mainly as hackers and … Continue reading

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Week 2

The Scholz reading started with a bit of history about the net and how it started with just 4 university nodes as a Department of Defense project called ARPANET. Originally its intended purpose was to do complex calculations and such, … Continue reading

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The Creation of Modern Computing

The Internet has grown in time to empower and control users. In Scholz article, “Digital Activism Decoded,” he explains how the Internet was started by the government and moved to become web 2.0 with user-controlled content. The predecessor to the … Continue reading

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Scholz and Turner wk 2- Anishaa

The Scholz reading was an engaging and interesting history about the Internet. Various progressions have been made and each development has affected the way we communicate with each other. He started off by describing ARPANET and its origins in the … Continue reading

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Ben Halperin’s Post

This week’s articles, Scholz’s Infrastructure: Its Transformation and Effect on Digital Activism and Turner’s “From Counterculture to Cyberculture,” present almost parallel histories of what we would currently recognize as the computer and the internet, respectively. Turner’s article discussed how what … Continue reading

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The Start of the Computer and the Internet

When I started reading Turner’s article, “Taking the Whole Earth Digital” I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I knew that the New Communalists formed in the 1960s and had a vision of moving to the countryside so they could … Continue reading

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