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The Problem of Collective Action

In Technologies of Cooperation, Rheingold summarizes the Collective Action dilemma as a situation where everyone in a group will benefit from participating in a certain action, but no one individually wants to take any action to achieve the results. Therefore, … Continue reading

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Week 3: Collective Action Enabled by a Digital World

by Gabrielle Boyle. This week, both Shirky and Rheingold discuss how collective action has grown as an important tool in political activism, as well as arguing certain setbacks and advantages that social networking has introduced to our digitally inclined society. … Continue reading

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Week 3 Readings

For our readings this week, I found them to be entertaining and similar to each other. Shirkey and Rheingold both touched on the concepts of groups whether it was in the context of collaboration, movements, or even just flash mobs. … Continue reading

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Week 3

Over the years, collective action has become revolutionized due to the introduction of various technologies, specifically the internet and mobile devices, as analayzed by Shirky and Rheingold. Throughout history, specifically during times of conflict, people have united together in masses … Continue reading

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Week 3 Response

With social media being such an important part of Internet use nowadays, collective action seems easier and more common than ever. In the past, if you wanted to organize a political rally or some other form of a group gathering, … Continue reading

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Collective Action

Managing to get a large group of people to get behind one idea and take action on it can be a very difficult task, but the internet and social networking sites have made it easier for collective action to happen. … Continue reading

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Week 3

I was very interested in the collective action versus individual action concept that both Shirky and Rheingold discussed in their writing.  The idea that an individual is more successful than a group was puzzling at first.  However, as the readings … Continue reading

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