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Social Networking Sites and User Engagement

In “Realizing the Social Internet? Online Social Networking Meets Offline Civic Engagement.” Pase, More, and Romer studied online social networking sites, Myspace and Facebook, to see if these sites facilitated or hindered social capital (1).  Before reading the study, I … Continue reading

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SNSs and Social Capital

Many debate whether or not social networking sites encourage social capital or hider it. In the study conducted by Pasek, More, and Romer Realizing the Social Internet? Online Social Network Meets Offline Social Capital, they concluded that the influence of … Continue reading

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The Role of Social Media in the Arab Spring

In Measuring the Success of Digital Campaigns David Karpf describes what makes a digital campaign successful. He outlines two different ways to assess a campaign—tactical and strategic measures. Tactical metric is when you measure the raw number of traffic a … Continue reading

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Glaisyer and Karpf

Glaisyer and Karpf both discuss the importance of social networking on politics. While social networking has become a more important part of politics, it is still not necessarily a deciding factor in what events happen in the world. Glaisyer focuses … Continue reading

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Week 5 Response

Social sites and websites that allow for uploading and sharing of information are a very recent addition to the online world and seem to be increasing social capital and keeping users informed.  These sites however, are growing at a rapid … Continue reading

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Week 5 Response

Dave Karpf’s chapter from Digital Activism Decoded: The New Mechanics of Change examines how to measure the success of digital campaigns and how sometimes numbers can be misleading. Karpf focuses on how Twitter is used, the blogosphere’s impact on campaigns … Continue reading

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Week 5 Blog

The Internet and use of social media sites have both helped and hindered digital activism in political participation and civic engagement. In both: Tom Glaisyer’s article, and Pasek et al., we can see that technology has allowed information to be … Continue reading

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