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The Telegraph and The Internet

In the reading, The Victorian Internet: The Remarkable Story of Telegraph and the Nineteenth Century’s On-line Pioneers Standage discusses the history of the telegraph, including the failures and successes. The telegraph was able to connect the world in a way … Continue reading

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Jorden Gemuend – Week 6 – Standage and Katz

In order to first receive mass media messages, we must first have a mass media. However, even though our technologies today have enabled mass communications with ease, our primary source of influence still comes from interpersonal communication. The process of … Continue reading

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Week 6

For this week’s readings, the topic was related to new technologies that surfaced in an older time period. Specifically, the chapters from Standage’s book, The Victorian Internet, discuss the invention of the telegraph, explaining some of its positive and negative … Continue reading

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Week Six

Based on this week’s readings and by observing the media landscape around us, it is evident that changes in technology are very significant. In chapter five of his book, Standage discusses the development of early telegraphy.  He explains that, just … Continue reading

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Week Six

We all see them. The cookie cutter images of Presidential, Senatorial or Gubernatorial candidates standing behind podiums in freshly pressed suits, shaking hands and waving at at crowds. However, do these planned imaged and preconceived notions of what a proper candidate should look like … Continue reading

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Week 6

Standage writes this week about the telegraph, a revolutionary technology that transformed the flow of information in its era. It linked two continents and was forecasted to create a world where everyone would be connected. The flow of information was … Continue reading

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Week 6 Readings

First off, I would like to comment that I found it quite interesting how this class has been about new social media technologies, yet we took a week of reading about old media and technologies. This class has caused me … Continue reading

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