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Week 6 Response

Despite being invented in completely different eras and utilizing much different technologies, the Internet’s roots can be traced back to the telegraph and pneumatic tubes. No, the telegraph and pneumatic tubes didn’t serve as the basis for the technology that … Continue reading

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Whom We Know and What We Know

Jamieson discusses the role of political advertisements in campaigns and how these advertisements have evolved over time based on the candidate running for office, while Katz focuses on the flow of ideas from the media and through individuals spreading through … Continue reading

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Week 6 Blog

From both chapter 9 of the Victorian Internet, and chapter 1 of Packaging Presidency we can see the implications that technology has on society. The telegraph, radio, television, film, and the Internet have drastically changed the way the people communicate … Continue reading

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Week 6 Response- Sam Moon

“Wiring The World, Steam Powered Messages & War and Peace in the Global Village” In this suprisingly interesting reading, Standage explains how the world first connected its two halves in the 19th Century. The book, appropriately titled “The Victorian Internet”, … Continue reading

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Week 6 – Standage

This week I chose to focus my blog post on the three chapters we read from Standage. I found it interesting how the author chose to start his discussion with a history of the telegraph. In Chapter 5, he quotes … Continue reading

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Drew Daniel – Week 6

The Jamieson piece about packaging the presidency was a very interesting piece about how political advertisements and campaigns evolved along with the role of the person running for office. Many firsts in political advertising started with Harrison in 1840. In … Continue reading

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Standage and Katz-week 6

Both Standage and Katz focus on certain aspects of communication that are initially held in high regard but then lose their potential as time progresses.  While Standage discusses the implementation of the telegraph, Katz introduces a new hypothesis two-step flow … Continue reading

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