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Images Can Be Deceiving

Political campaigns have become a lot trickier today with new technologies like the Internet.  Like in the case of Howard Dean, a 2004 candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, there was an overwhelming sense that he was going to win … Continue reading

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How Do We Measure Success of Dean’s Campaign?

Howard Dean’s presidential campaign in 2004 was a completely novel and used open source campaigning to help promote awareness and fundraising. Unfortunately, this did not translate to votes in the primaries. Trippi explains how the campaigns use of blogs and … Continue reading

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Would online support vs. in reality smell as sweet?

In the 2004 Presidential Election, Howard Dean was an early standout with an enormous amount of supporters. According to many political scientists, his campaign was special because of its presence being predominantly online. His use of the Web to organize, … Continue reading

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Is the Internet a liberal playground?

Generally speaking, liberals are forward thinking and constantly seeking change. Conservatives tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to new technology. In my experience, liberal thinkers are often on the Apple line when the new iPhone … Continue reading

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Dean Campaign: Should candidates stick to traditional campaign styles?

In Here Comes Everybody, Shirky theorizes about how “[w]e now have communications that are flexible enough to match our social capabilities, and we are witnessing the rise of new ways of coordinating action that take advantage of that change”  (20).  … Continue reading

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Does Howard Dean Create the Democratic Strategy for Digital Campaigning?

Hindman highlights the contributions that Howard Dean’s digital campaign brought to political science views on primary campaigns in his article, The Real Lessons of Howard Dean. Earlier research by Glaiser indicated that strategical measurements hold more importance in political campaigning … Continue reading

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Dean’s Internet Strategy

In Hindman’s The Real Lessons of Howard Dean, the author looks to explore the ways in which former presidential candidate Howard Dean was able to create such a successful campaign in 2004. Hindman is quick to highlight the fact that … Continue reading

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