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Social Media Architecture vs. Activists

Change is typically seen as a good thing. It allows us to adapt, as individuals, to new ways of thinking of things or doing things. York and Youmans discuss the ways in which changes in architecture of social media sites, … Continue reading

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Contradictions in Today’s Social Media Use

In this week’s readings, there seemed to be some important contradictory opinions in terms of the importance of social media. In the Gladwell reading, an important idea is brought up when asking, “Does Egypt Need Twitter?”. When first starting this … Continue reading

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            While the role of the Internet and social media in the Tahir Square Protests is a subject of controversy, the evidence provided by Tufekci and Wilson (2012) indicates that Egyptian use of social media greatly … Continue reading

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Reconciling the Scholarly Perspectives of the Arab Spring

When I first began to watch the national broadcasts of the Arab Spring, I honestly was extremely confused as to what exactly was happening. Two years later, social scholars are trying to untangle the confusing and inaccurate portrayals of the … Continue reading

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Importance of Digital Media in the Arab Spring

In Demystifying the Arab Spring by Lisa Anderson, she argues that social media was not a critical factor in the uprisings in the Arab Spring. Rather she believes that each revolt was unique and thus the more important factor to … Continue reading

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The Arab Spring: Separate and Unequal

In Anderson’s  “Demistifying the Arab Spring”, a main issue that arises is the US’ often-held view of Arab countries having a singular goal–but it’s simply not true. In Tunisia and Libya, speaking freely is dangerous and restricting while in Egypt … Continue reading

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Citizens As Journalists During the Arab Spring

The impact of social media on the Arab Spring was undeniable. As totalitarian governments restricted personal communication between their citizens, social media gave citizens an outlet to express their discontent with the government and connect with others over their grievances. … Continue reading

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