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The Role of SNS in the Arab Spring

In the articles for this week, we witness two very different perspectives on the role of social media in the Arab Spring. We see two very different perspective in the readings as Lisa Anderson argues that the three uprisings that … Continue reading

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The Social Media Scaffolding for Activism

Against all apparent odds, small, corrupt elites remained in power for decades in countries such as Egypt, despite consistently dismal performance on most indicators of wealth and well-being. But these regimes of durable authoritarianism would come to a crumbling end-particularly … Continue reading

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Was Social Media an Important Factor in the Arab Spring Uprisings?

Beginning in 2011, massive public demonstrations began to appear throughout the Arab world, which are now collectively referred to as the Arab Spring. Quickly following the demonstrations, the notion that social networks played a key role in the uprisings became … Continue reading

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Arab Spring and Social Media

The first article was Demystifying the Arab Spring by Lisa Anderson. She makes it clear that the revolts in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya should be viewed as unique and unrelated revolutions. After a short summary of the three uprising, she … Continue reading

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“Real” Activism: Risks and Ties

Just as previous technological innovations have been discussed, debated, and projected into its future status, social media is the current technological innovation that faces both optimism and criticism. Gladwell argues in “Small Change: Why the Revolution Should Not Be Tweeted” … Continue reading

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Motivations of activists: strong vs. weak ties

Many complain about how our generation doesn’t care about change, or activism. The reality is that we’re involved in many movements, but just not in the same way as our parents. As Gladwell discusses in his article in The New … Continue reading

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A High Risk Revolution

Morozov’s article, “Iran: Downside to the Twitter Revolution,” discusses the important activist role Twitter is capable of but addresses the fact that it is only useful under certain circumstances.  He claims that “understanding how the Internet fits a particular political … Continue reading

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