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Similar Strategies, Different Results

Technological innovation has spurred a new era of social networking and communication. It is now utilized by most Americans who are on the internet, and is now an integral part of mass communication. In the realm of politics, the use … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Howard Dean

(Yep, that’s me on the left. With a lot more hair and beardless.) “The Scream Heard ‘Round The World.” In 2004 during the Democratic Presidential Primaries, Gov. Howard Dean notified campaign supporters after a defeat in Iowa that he would … Continue reading

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Dean’s Not-So-Successful Campaign

The readings for this week analyze the deceptive power that the Internet and Web usage played in Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign. Both Clay Shirky’s and Matthew Hindman’s pieces, particularly, both applaud the Dean campaign’s innovative uses of the Internet … Continue reading

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Dean’s Tactically Ran Campaign

Howard Dean’s campaign for the Democratic nominee in the 2004 presidential campaign marks the start of studying how Internet can be used in political campaigns (Hindman p.127).  Dean’s campaign introduced this method of an interactive website by allowing user generated … Continue reading

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