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Social Media Acceptance

The internet has changed the way people all over the world live their lives. It has stimulated global commerce and strengthened ties between people thousands of miles apart. Recently, with the revolution that took place in Egypt, many may point … Continue reading

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Technological self-destruction

Humans have a knack for innovation. Everything from the telegraph to the smart phone revolutionized the way people went about their daily lives. When Edward Whitehouse first arranged for a transatlantic telegraph cable, it took several attempts, with two ships, … Continue reading

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Where is the Egyptian voice and experience in the use of social media in political activism within Egypt?

Last week the Elthman and Burns’ article explored the importance of Twitter during the 2009 election in Iran, how different political actors and protestors used the social media site and how political actors responded to its use. While other theorists … Continue reading

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Differences after the Growth of Facebook and Twitter

The readings this week focus on if social media use promotes a democracy by encouraging social capital and about being strategically successful for new activist campaigns.  Social capital can be evaluated by the amount of civic participation, political knowledge and … Continue reading

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Is Political Mobilization Affected by a Collective Action Problem?

In this post, I seek to address two points. First, I analyze the theoretical problems that have arisen when Shirky and Rheinegold focus on how social media can reduce the cost element which they regard as being critical in inhibiting … Continue reading

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