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Has social media replaced high-risk activism?

Throughout reading Malcom Gladwell’s piece on, “Small Change: Why the revolution will not be tweeted,” Morozov’s “Slacktivisim” once again echoed throughout my head. Gladwell opens with a narrative on the 1960 year-long Greensboro sit-in that inspired so many young college … Continue reading

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The “Miracle” of Communicating: Now and Then

After several years of difficulties and rebuilding, the Atlantic Telegraph was built to bring the world together. Engineers and Inventors worked tirelessly to modernize the simple ways of the Postal Service and offer a new technology that would allow for … Continue reading

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Online Activity and Civic Engagement Offline

Research regarding the role of SNS/Internet use within the political realm is primarily concerned with whether or not online activity can effectively promote offline activism. The researches we discussed this week made a number of contributions to this effort. However, … Continue reading

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