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Political Slacktivism Round 2: Howard Dean

Howard Dean’s political campaign was just short of infallible: he raised a ton of money (mostly online), got people to volunteer for him even though only around a quarter of them learned about the recruiting meetings from peers, and attracted … Continue reading

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Does Howard Dean Create the Democratic Strategy for Digital Campaigning?

Hindman highlights the contributions that Howard Dean’s digital campaign brought to political science views on primary campaigns in his article, The Real Lessons of Howard Dean. Earlier research by Glaiser indicated that strategical measurements hold more importance in political campaigning … Continue reading

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Week Eight

Howard Dean’s presidential run in 2004 was unlike any other campaign due to its use of a nontraditional media, the Internet, to promote Dean and his message. However, there were unintended effects from online forums that began to draw away from … Continue reading

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Ben Halperin Week 8

These two accounts, especially in conjunction with each other, are a fascinating cautionary tale of the Dean campaign. Trippi’s “The Open Source Campaign” describes the campaign’s efforts with blogs and other online resources, especially for attaining contribution goals. The article … Continue reading

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