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Does Slacktivism Work?

            With social media’s rapid expansion, the internet has seen a wide variety of activism campaigns, which frequently find its way into the public’s email and Facebook feed. However, one of the results of all these … Continue reading

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Are Web Firms Like Blue State Digital a New Political Necessity?

While many researchers focus on which candidates and how candidates use social media in their campaigns, it is more important to look behind the scenes at how companies like Blue State Digital are affecting political campaigns. Scola says Blue State … Continue reading

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Does Howard Dean Create the Democratic Strategy for Digital Campaigning?

Hindman highlights the contributions that Howard Dean’s digital campaign brought to political science views on primary campaigns in his article, The Real Lessons of Howard Dean. Earlier research by Glaiser indicated that strategical measurements hold more importance in political campaigning … Continue reading

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Online Political Activism: Effective or Not?

In the article, “Measuring the Success of Digital Campaigns” Karpf discusses the tactical and strategic measurements of success with political activism online. Karpf argues that strategic measurements, or qualitative measurements, are better indicators, because they measure the overall quality of … Continue reading

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Week Eight

Howard Dean’s presidential run in 2004 was unlike any other campaign due to its use of a nontraditional media, the Internet, to promote Dean and his message. However, there were unintended effects from online forums that began to draw away from … Continue reading

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Week Four

When coming into power, many authoritarian rulers may face what is called a dictator’s dilemma. This conflict is developed when rulers extract information from citizens through elections or electronic means and are then faced with the “dilemma” of whether or … Continue reading

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Week 2

In Turner’s Chapter 4 of Counterculture to Cyberculture, the author compares the invention and popularization of the personal computer to that of the goals of the 1960s and 70s counterculture. These new devices that “one could use to tear down … Continue reading

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