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Similar Strategies, Different Results

Technological innovation has spurred a new era of social networking and communication. It is now utilized by most Americans who are on the internet, and is now an integral part of mass communication. In the realm of politics, the use … Continue reading

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The Internet is probably making us antisocial

I found the above video particularly interesting and applicable when discussing technology, the internet and social media in conjunction with the use’s effect on socialization and interaction. Though smartphones are a relatively new way to harness communication tools, the medium … Continue reading

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Does Slacktivism Work?

            With social media’s rapid expansion, the internet has seen a wide variety of activism campaigns, which frequently find its way into the public’s email and Facebook feed. However, one of the results of all these … Continue reading

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Week 3, The Future of Face-Face Social Interaction

In this week’s reading of Here Comes Everybody, Shirky discusses the complexity of “social dilemmas” when considering the burden and challenges of collective action. In doing so, he breaks down collective action into the fundamental building blocks of generating social … Continue reading

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Where is the Egyptian voice and experience in the use of social media in political activism within Egypt?

Last week the Elthman and Burns’ article explored the importance of Twitter during the 2009 election in Iran, how different political actors and protestors used the social media site and how political actors responded to its use. While other theorists … Continue reading

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Online Political Activism: Effective or Not?

In the article, “Measuring the Success of Digital Campaigns” Karpf discusses the tactical and strategic measurements of success with political activism online. Karpf argues that strategic measurements, or qualitative measurements, are better indicators, because they measure the overall quality of … Continue reading

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Differences after the Growth of Facebook and Twitter

The readings this week focus on if social media use promotes a democracy by encouraging social capital and about being strategically successful for new activist campaigns.  Social capital can be evaluated by the amount of civic participation, political knowledge and … Continue reading

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