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Social Media Acceptance

The internet has changed the way people all over the world live their lives. It has stimulated global commerce and strengthened ties between people thousands of miles apart. Recently, with the revolution that took place in Egypt, many may point … Continue reading

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Strong and Weak Ties

            Lately, the fight for democracy in several countries has been attributed with the use of social media sites like Twitter. It allows for quick communication and the ability to rally a large group of people … Continue reading

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#revolution – The Rise of Twitter

The undeniable fact is social media has played a key role in U.S. Politics in recent years. The ease of digital messaging, where a campaign can blast the week’s message on every popular social media platform at once, is certainly … Continue reading

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Differences after the Growth of Facebook and Twitter

The readings this week focus on if social media use promotes a democracy by encouraging social capital and about being strategically successful for new activist campaigns.  Social capital can be evaluated by the amount of civic participation, political knowledge and … Continue reading

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