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Build it and they will come?

In “Mundane Internet Tools, Mobilizing Practices, and the Coproduction of Citizenship in Political Campaigns” by Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, he analyzes what kinds of internet tools are actually used in mobilizing practices in political campaigns into three categories: mundane, emerging, and specialized … Continue reading

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week 10–connections between blue state digital and the Obama campaign?

This week’s articles focus on the use of the Internet in reaching and communicating with users in new ways that will influence their participation. I was particularly interested in blue state digital’s overview of their strategy of reaching the public. … Continue reading

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Ben Halperin Week 10

Herrnson, et al’s piece discusses the online use in state legislative elections. Although the study solely examined how state legislative candidates utilize the Interne, many of what was found can also be true for other elections. Written in 2007, this … Continue reading

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Campaign Influence in Lower-Level Politics

President Barack Obama and his devout staffers clearly utilized the Internet and social media tools effectively by weaving online technology into the heart of his presidential campaign. In fact, there are several lessons that can be taken away from the … Continue reading

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