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The Internet is probably making us antisocial

I found the above video particularly interesting and applicable when discussing technology, the internet and social media in conjunction with the use’s effect on socialization and interaction. Though smartphones are a relatively new way to harness communication tools, the medium … Continue reading

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Collective Action and Social Networking Sites

Collective action can provide more results and better awareness of an issue than no action at all, but does the Social Networking Site where the collective action happens determine its success? By looking at the study done by Josh Pasek, Eian More … Continue reading

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Strategies to Cater Towards the Individual Within the Collective Group

The past decade has led to the expansion of digital media and even more specifically, the creation of multiple social media sites. With the advancement of this technology, simple communication has been transformed through the digital world. Individuals are now … Continue reading

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Social Activism on Social Networks

Karpf’s article discusses the challenges faced in the digital revolution in terms of measuring online campaigns/activism.  He outlines two categories of measurement 1. Tactical: the number of visits/followers/retweets/posts and 2. Strategic Metrics: measure success by clarifying how online tactics will … Continue reading

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Ben Halperin, Week 5

In this chapter, Glaisyer discusses the phenomenon of digital political activism. What I found most informative in this chapter is how he separates the phenomenon into open and closed societies. By doing this, readers can truly see the difference between … Continue reading

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Week 5 Response

Today, many events are planned and operated through the Internet.  The Internet has provided an easy way for millions of people to come together and organize to fight for a common belief. Last week’s articles offered a more pessimistic approach … Continue reading

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