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Dean’s Internet Campaign and Civic Engagement

The growth of the Internet was predestined to create a revolutionary change in the way we communicate. By looking at the brief success of Dean’s Internet campaign and the tools that were utilized in order to bring about that success … Continue reading

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How a Failed Attempt at Success Started a New Digital Movement

The Howard Dean Campaign during the 2004 Presidential Election was one of the first elections where a candidate utilized the internet to garner a diverse range of supporters. According to “Reflections on the First Digital Campaign,” by Matthew Hindman, a … Continue reading

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The Dean Campaign’s Internet Contributions

The unprecedented online campaign content and internet support by Howard Dean users helped perpetuate the cultural idea of affinity’s victory over geography that Shirky discussed in “Existing Deanspace.”  The most ardent of Dean’s supporters, liberals, took to the internet to … Continue reading

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Week Eight

Howard Dean’s presidential run in 2004 was unlike any other campaign due to its use of a nontraditional media, the Internet, to promote Dean and his message. However, there were unintended effects from online forums that began to draw away from … Continue reading

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Ben Halperin Week 8

These two accounts, especially in conjunction with each other, are a fascinating cautionary tale of the Dean campaign. Trippi’s “The Open Source Campaign” describes the campaign’s efforts with blogs and other online resources, especially for attaining contribution goals. The article … Continue reading

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Dean’s Online Campaign and False Sense of Success

Howard Dean was one of the first presidential contenders to successfully create an online campaign, specifically in terms of interactive media. But, despite the predictions of election pollsters, Dean lost the race. The readings by Shirky and Hindman attribute the … Continue reading

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Shirky and Trippi

Shirky and Trippi both discuss opposing viewpoints on the success of blogs in the Howard Dean campaign. Trippi was optimistic on the use of blogs, claiming that it was one of the most useful tools of the campaign, while Shirky … Continue reading

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