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            While the role of the Internet and social media in the Tahir Square Protests is a subject of controversy, the evidence provided by Tufekci and Wilson (2012) indicates that Egyptian use of social media greatly … Continue reading

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In this weeks readings, Rheingold discusses “smart mobs.” Smart mobs essentially allow a large amount of people to become unified efficiently and effectively. Through rapidly growing social networking websites, people are able to form social communities. I believe these newly … Continue reading

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In Demystifying the Arab Spring by Lisa Anderson, she immediately makes the claim that the internet was not to receive credit in the events surrounding the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. She provides evidence for this by comparing the … Continue reading

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How the Internet helped – not initiated – the Arab Spring

The ability to rise up and demonstrate is not a new idea, but can be taken to greater depths with improved communication. By looking at the Arab Spring and the various protests that were had, we can see how Shirky’s … Continue reading

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How Do We Measure Success of Dean’s Campaign?

Howard Dean’s presidential campaign in 2004 was a completely novel and used open source campaigning to help promote awareness and fundraising. Unfortunately, this did not translate to votes in the primaries. Trippi explains how the campaigns use of blogs and … Continue reading

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The Dean Campaign

In Hindman’s reading on the Dean campaign, he highlights two important theories that affected the success of Dean’s campaign: liberals are more active in visiting political sites on the internet even though there are an equal number of liberals and … Continue reading

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Dean’s Internet Campaign and Civic Engagement

The growth of the Internet was predestined to create a revolutionary change in the way we communicate. By looking at the brief success of Dean’s Internet campaign and the tools that were utilized in order to bring about that success … Continue reading

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